Carolyn Lorenzoni

Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy. Psalm 33:3

It is an honor to write a brief statement concerning the musicianship of Carolyn Lorenzoni.  She is a very fine singer who was kind enough to prepare and perform one of my songs for a gathering of Sigma Alpha Iota members in Indianapolis.  She sang the music, not just the notes, and the audience and composer enjoyed the piece together.  This lady has great poise and professionalism.

Wallace De Pue, Sr., composer, Picardie Court Productions


When we realized that we had a budding musician in our hands, we had no idea how to go about finding a teacher for our soon to be 6 year old son. By divine appointment, we've met Mrs. Lorenzoni and for about 5 years, we have been witnessing her natural gift to nurture, encourage, challenge, and stretch our young pianist. We are confident that our son will continue to learn to develop his love of music under Mrs. Lorenzoni's instruction and happily recommend her to anyone who is searching for a quality teacher.

Ryan and Hannah Watts

Carolyn is the consummate professional. She shows up on time, knows the music, looks professional and is a top-notch musician. She has such a beautiful voice--I love to have her leading us in worship or singing a solo for the special music portion. I would highly recommend Carolyn as a pianist/accompanist. She will have the music learned in advance and be ready to work with the student, or if need be, is great at sight-reading. She will follow the performer no matter what they decide to do! 

Marsha Krantz, professional violinist and instructor

We have been wonderfully blessed to have Carolyn Lorenzoni as our family's music teacher for over 10 years. She has instructed my children in voice, piano and in life. Her encouraging words, patience, and prayers for my children after each lesson attest to her solid Christian faith and love for what she does everyday. God has blessed her with the art of teaching any age group, including myself!  When she plays and sings, it is like hearing an angel from heaven. Miss Carolyn is not only a great music teacher, she has become a great friend to our family. We love Miss Carolyn!

Lori Preston~ mom of Sarah, Spencer, Michael, and Faith